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Silver Membership Plan

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Create Unlimited Responders To Run Unlimited Campaigns! Choose A Campaign From The Many Resources Below Or Run Your Own Campaigns! Receive 20 - 30 MRR and PLR Products, Fresh Article Content, A Video Product To Sell, And New Software Every Month! Create 10 URL Rotator Accounts, CPanel Hosting With Pro Softaculous Apps Installer, Host 10 Main Domains! Live Online Coaching! Create A Super Affiliate Page That Holds All Your Links, Banners, Video, Ecourse, Flash Message, About Me Page, and Personal Redirects. Use our Exclusive Web Presence Builder to Create Professional Web Page!! Create up to 4 Professional Websites

Silver Hosting Package - 5 Gig Web Space Per Domain - Unlimited Data Transfer / Bandwidth, 10 Hosted Domains 4 Add-on Domains Per CPanel, Unlimited MYSQL Databases, Unlimited sub-domains, Unlimited POP3 email account, Unlimited email forwarders, Unlimited email auto-responders, Unlimited FTP Accounts.

Softaculous Apps Installer - Create a Word Press Blog or ecommerce shopping cart in Minutes! Tons of high quality scripts at your finger tips.

Use our Exclusive Web Presence Builder to Create Professional Web Page!!

Silver Members can Create up to 4 Professional Websites using our Web Presence Builder from your CPanel.  For More On Web Hosting Click Here

Quick PayPal Setup - Sell over 50 Professional Reports and Keep 100% of the profits!

PLR and MRR eBooks Plus Tons of Software- Receive 20 - 30 New Products Every Month. Make some of these products your own by placing your links into the source file. Turn them into PDF eBooks with your affiliate links in them! Sell or give away the PDF eBook or Reports. Build a list! Offer these products to your subscribers free! Recommended to download the Free Open Office Software that will turn text documents into PDFs.

New Article Content Every Month!- Every Month LGT provides High Quality Professionally Written Articles To Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members. Use this content on your Blogs, Websites, Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, or Product Creation. Just tie in your favorite affiliate products to your articles, create eBooks, or reports with links back to your website!

New Monthly Video Product To Sell - Every Month LGT provides a High Quality Video Product that our Silver, Gold and Platinum Members can sell and keep 100% of the profits. The product comes with professional sales page, graphics, responder letters, and videos as the product. Use our video brander software and Easily harness the power of viral marketing, by creating video packages that promote your business.

Unlimited Pro Responder Service - Create and manage unlimited campaigns. Each responder you create will have a full subscriber reporting area. Choose a campaign from any of the below resources or run your own campaigns. For more information about our responder click here.

Create A Super Affiliate Page That Holds All Your Links, Banners, Video, Ecourse, Flash Message, About Me Page, and Personal Redirects. LGT Will Setup, Host, and Manage your Super Affiliate Page for you. Setup Free No Extra Charge! Just fill out a form!

- Promote up to 12 Links - 10 Banners - Plus Your Video.
- We place Your five line Flash Intro on your page.
- We place a form on your page "Choose from over 43 ecourses"
  We also place images ecourse eBook Cover and Header on your page.
- We build your about me page.
- We place your photo on your page
- We build subscriber confirmation and success redirect pages for you.
  We place your video and banner on your success page.
- We place your opportunity URL in the ecourse follow up messages
- We customize 2 - 4 marketing reports for you and offer them to your subscribers
  The reports revolve around the ecourse chosen and are customized to your LGT Affiliate.

Build a List and promote your opportunity! - Setup And Hosted For You
List Building Squeeze Pages that are linked to your LGT Affiliate Name or Any Business Opportunity URL you provide. We will place your Banner and Video on a special page for you. Each squeeze page is hosted by LGT and linked to your LGT Pro Responder so you can manage your leads. Just Fill Out A Simple Form!

Download and Customize Over 45 Marketing Reports with templates - LGT provides Quality IM Reports that can be easily customized with your LGT affiliate ID. All you have to do is click a button to automatically customize your report and then give it away for a name and email address, or just give a copy to your subscribers.

The reports come with professional squeeze page and graphics and the LGT responder form is attached. If you already have a list what better way to keep them opening your emails by providing professional content. Plus bring them back to your LGT Affiliate Website where you can make a sale! This product can be hosted on your own domain.

LGT takes all the hard work out of list building!

Download Over 40+ Quality List Building Ecourses with Templates - Build your contact lists by offering quality Ecourses. You can offer these ecourses to your existing subscribers or use them to capture new subscribers. Use a number of your Unlimited Responder Campaigns for an ecourse.

Let LGT Admin Setup Your Ecourse with Squeeze Page, and link it to a responder of your choice! We add your opportunity URL into the follow up messages, we place a banner of your choice on the confirmation and success redirect pages. We send you the links and you do the promoting!

Members can download the Ecourses with templates and setup their own campaigns or have LGT Admin setup a campaign for you. Small Setup Fee Applies.

LGT takes all the hard work out of list building!

Home Business Template Service - Setup and Hosted By LGT Admin or Host them on your own domain. We will setup and host a Business Opportunity Template for you or we will upload the template to your domain. Small Setup Fee Applies

Just fill out a form from your member area.

These templates are now available for download for those that want to setup their own campaigns. Choose from a variety of templates!

Video Home Business Template Service Setup and Hosted By LGT Admin - We will
setup and host a Video Template for you
or we will upload the template to your domain. We give you a copy of your template with the PSD File. Just fill out a form from your member area. Choose from variety of templates! Small Setup Fee Applies

Create 10 URL Rotator accounts?

1. Rotate your downline URL's and Build your business!
2. Use one for Traffic Building
3. Use one for List Building
4. Use one to run your own Ad Co-op
5. Use one for Money Programs

You get the idea!

Our coaching is designed to help newbies or experienced marketers use the tools, services, and resources that we provide to build a list and make money online. It is free at the times posted here.

We also provide Personal 1 on 1 private coaching. You can find more information about personal coaching here!


Sponsor Commissions

  • Easy Biz Promoter Yearly Membership Pays $10.00 A Year
    Easy Biz Promoter Monthly Membership Pays $2.00 A Month
    TeamLGT Yearly Membership Pays $10.00 A Year
    TeamLGT Monthly Membership Pays $2.00 a Month
  • Basic Monthly Membership Pays $5.00 A Month
  • Silver Monthly Membership Pays $5.00 A Month
  • Gold Monthly Membership Pays $10.00 A Month

ONLY $19.95 A Month

Other services: web design - membership site installation and customization -
IM software - niche article directory - website management

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