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Run 5 List Building Campaigns From The Resources Below, Or Run Your Own Campaigns. Setup And Promote Your Free Affiliate Page, Grab a Free URL Rotator and Rotate Unlimited URL's, No Adverts On Top Of Your Responder Messages, Or Your Rotator Web Pages. Create A Free Ad-Tracking Account, Free Email Marketing Service - Mail Your Ad Every Two Days To 20 Safelists, Free Affiliate Program, Free Coaching, Free Software!

Free Splash Page Creator - Create Splash Pages for any opportunity! You control colors, images, and can add your own Text or HTML. Add a Responder Form, or Join Now button or link. Create your page, grab your link, and start promoting!

Your Free Affiliate Page is Setup, Hosted, and Managed by LGT Admin - This page will display 2 of your 468x60 Banners, 2 of your 125x125 Banners and 2 top links of your choice. It will also display a LGT Traffic Exchange, LGT Traffic Downline Builder, and a Lead Generating Tools Banner. All will be linked to your affiliate URL.

Your Free Affiliate Page can also hold a Responder Form "Optional". For those that want to build a list we will setup an ecourse "List Building Basics" and customize the message to your Lead Generating Tools Affiliate URL.

List Building and Promotional Pages - If you choose Yes that you want a responder campaign with your Free Affiliate Banner Page we will also add the ecourse campaign to the pages above. You can promote these pages and earn cash when your downline upgrades.

Run Five List Building Campaigns - Create and manage 5 campaigns as a free member! Your responder will have a full subscriber reporting area for each campaign. Your Responder form code is already placed on pre-designed squeeze pages that are setup by LGT admin. Just Promote! The amount of List Building Campaigns and subscribers your responder can hold depends on your LGT membership level.

Subscribers Per Membership Level

Free Member can have 50 subscribers
Easy Biz Promoter Members 250
Team LGT Members 500
Basic Members 1000
Silver Members 5000
Gold and Platinum Members 10,000

Membership Price

$34.95 a Year
$49.95 A Year
$14.95 A Month
$19.95 A Month
$29.95 A Month




Get setup and begin promoting the above pages in minutes. When a subscriber fill out the form to request the List Builder 5-Day Ecourse you will be emailed the subscribers first name and email address. The Ecourse is customized to your Lead Generating Tools Affiliate Username. This will bring new prospects into your Lead Generating Tools Downline while giving you their name and email address. To learn how to best use the system ask a coach!

Software Bundle with Templates - Download the software and use it yourself, or you can sell it with the ready made templates, and yes you can build a list by giving the software away. Just use one of your ten list building campaigns for your Software Giveaway!!!!

Create one account with LGT Rotate. Your rotator will not have any ads on top of your websites. Rotate unlimited URLs. Upgrade to TeamLGT and Create 2 Rotator Accounts! Create your Ad Tracking account through LGT Marketing or Ad Track Pro from your LGT Member Area. Shortens most URL's. Cloaking is also available, Track Your Cloaked URL's.

Our coaching is designed to help newbies or experienced marketers use the tools, services, and resources that we provide to build a list and make money online. It is free at the times posted here.

We also provide Personal 1 on 1 private coaching. You can find more information about personal coaching here!

Affiliate Program - LGT Affiliate Program pays monthly or yearly commissions on one level personal sales. As a Paid Member just sponsor 5 TeamLGT Members a Month and Receive $50.00 Plus Another $50.00 Every Year They Renew, or 5 Basic Members a Month and Receive $25.00 a Month! Free member commission chart below

Free Member Sponsored Commissions

  • Easy Biz Promoter Yearly Membership Pays $2.00 A Year
    Easy Biz Promoter Monthly Membership Pays $1.50 A Month
    TeamLGT Yearly Membership Pays $2.00 A Year
    TeamLGT Monthly Membership Pays $1.50 a Month
  • Basic Monthly Membership Pays $2.00 A Month
  • Silver Monthly Membership Pays $2.00 A Month
  • Gold Monthly Membership Pays $4.00 A Month

Upgrade To Any Paid Membership To Earn More Commissions!

Gold Members Earn 50% Commissions!


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