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All Paid Packages Come With CPanel Web Hosting Compare All
Run 5 List Building Campaigns From The Resources Below That Are Setup, Linked To Your Pro Responder, Loaded With Customized Messages, Plus a URL Rotator That Rotates Unlimited URL's All With No Adverts On Top Of Your Responder Messages Or Rotated Websites. Ad Tracking With Cloaking, Email Marketing - Mail Every Three Days To 20 Growing Safelists, Affiliate Program, All Absolutely Free?

Create Five Pro Responders Under Your Account - Create and manage 5 campaigns from any of the below resources. Each responder you create will have a full featured subscriber reporting area. Most Importantly "Optional" LGT Admin will setup and host each campaign for you and then we will email you your links to promote!! We load your responder with professional follow up messages and place your opportunity link in the customized follow-up messages, We make list building easy and we help you build a professional image.  

Build a List by Giving Away Free Marketing Tools - Setup And Hosted For You
List Building Squeeze Pages that are linked to your LGT Affiliate Name or Any Business Opportunity URL you provide. Each squeeze page is linked to your LGT Pro Responder so you can manage your leads. This is a great way to build a LGT Free Member Downline Plus Earn Cash on Upgrades as well as Market Your Opportunities to Your Growing Contact List. Just Fill Out A Simple Form from your Free Members area!

Choose From 43 Quality List Building Ecourses - Build your contact lists by offering quality Ecourses. Use one of your Five Responder Campaigns for an ecourse. Let LGT Admin setup and host an Ecourse with Squeeze page, and link it to a responder of your choice! We add your opportunity URL into the follow up messages, we place a banner of your choice on the confirmation and success redirect pages. We send you the links and you do the promoting!

LGT takes all the hard work out of list building!


List Building - As a JV Partner you Build a List by Giving away Extra Hit Credits, Banner and Text ad Impressions to all who join LGT Traffic from your LGT Traffic Affiliate URL.

We Setup a Special Lead Capture Page for you, just fill out a form and let LGT Admin hand you your Traffic List Building Pages All Customized To You! Your Special Page will even work to give you banner and text ad impressions for just promoting your page. We place your banner and text ad code on your replicated page! Cool Right! ;-)

Monthly Ad Exposure - LGT Traffic is a Full Traffic, Banner, and Text Ad Exchange. You can advertise your 10 best programs to your downline. Send Solo Ads using your credits! Earn more banner and text ad credits by placing our code on your personal website! Earn Daily Surf Rewards. Save Big by Taking This Offer Today!!!!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Send Mail every three days in 20 of our growing safelist memberships. Free Pro Upgrade details are in your free member area. Send your ad to over 12,000 members Every Three Days.

Member Services

Create one account with LGT Rotate. Your rotator will not have any ads on top of your websites. Rotate unlimited URLs. Create your Ad Tracking account through LGT Marketing or Ad Track Pro from your LGT Member Area. Shortens most URL's. Cloaking is also available, Track Your Cloaked URL's.

Are you ready to learn how to successful promote your opportunity online? For most it takes years of trial and error to learn how to build a successful online business and that is if they don't give up along the way.

The LGT Coaching center uses a step by step approach that will take you from a baby's crawl to a healthy mature adult in the online marketing world. Each step is designed to be easy and prepares you for the next step.

Our Coaching is designed to help newbies or experienced marketers. You learn at your own pace and when you're ready for the next step just come to the coaching center to learn. We're here for you and it is absolutely free!

Make Money Giving Away Free Tools!

Affiliate Program - LGT Affiliate Program pays monthly or yearly commissions on one level personal sales. Just sponsor 5 TeamLGT Members a Month and Receive $50.00 Plus Another $50.00 Every Year They Renew, or 5 Basic Members a Month and Receive $25.00 Monthly Residual!


Sponsor Commissions

  • TeamLGT Membership Pays $10.00 A Year
  • Basic Membership Pays $5.00 A Month
  • Silver Membership Pays $5.00 A Month
  • Gold Membership Pays $10.00 A Month
    Platinum Membership Pays $10.00  A Month


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